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Installing custom firmware on your PSP E-1004 and other PSP's for dummies.

In this tutorial I'll show you how to install CFW (custom firmware) on your PSP E-1004 Street. Actually this particular CFW will run on any PSP (100x, 200x, 300x and GO) with 6.60 original software.
This CFW will let you play games in .iso and .cso format, classic PSX games and homebrew emulators of few other platforms like GBA, NES etc. It's not permanent so you will have to run Launcher every time you turn off your PSP. It's not a big deal because running cfw launcher takes few seconds.

Note: CFW doesn't disappear when you put your console into sleep mode.

To install CFW you will need:
- PSP (such a suprise)
- USB cable
- memory card
- LME-1.6 CFW (you can download it from here)

1. You have to format your memory card.
Settings -> System settings -> Format Memory Stick

2. You need to extract CFW that you have downloaded from link above (if you haven't downloaded it yet, here is the link again -  LME-1.6. After extracting it you have to copy the PSP folder into your memory card root directory.

3. Now you have to unplug your PSP from PC, then you have to go to Game -> Memory Stick on your PSP and choose LME Installer for 660. After confirmation it will take few seconds to install cfw, then PSP will restart. Your cfw is now installed.

4. To run your freshly installed cfw you have to go to Game -> Memory Stick once again, but now you will have to choose LME Launcher for 660. Congratulations, now your PSP with custom firmware is up and running, so you can play .iso/.cso games.

5. Remember: you have to run LME Launcher for 660 every time you restart your PSP, otherwise you won't be able to run .iso games.

6. You can also delete LME Installer for 660 which you don't need anymore by highliting it, pressing triangle and choosing "delete" option. 

7. Enjoy.

You have to place .iso and .cso format games into /ISO folder on your memory card root (if you don't have this folder then just create it.
PSX games need to be placed in PSP/GAME/your_game_name/EBOOT.PBP

I'll show how to convert PSX games, compress .iso into .cso in future tutorials. Stay tuned.

Any suggestions should be placed in comments below. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi
    IT shows a message " The game could not be started (80000108)
    Help me out of this shit

  2. Can you expplain how to use plugins on street please?


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