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Save space on your memory card - compressing game images for dummies.

You've got small memory card? You want more games on it without upgrading to a bigger card? Here is easy guide how to compress your games in iso format into smaller cso image.

Let's get started.

You will need
- YACC converter (you can download it here)
- .iso image of your game

After installing YACC you have to take these steps:

1. You have to choose your input ISO file which will be converted (marked with green on the image below)
2. You have to set output directory and file name (by default it is the same directory in which you keep your input file); (marked with blue on the image below)
3. Make sure that output format is set to CSO and compression level is set to 9 (max); (red area on the image below)
4. Optionally you can set CPU priority for compression process. The higher priority the faster the compression is. (orange area on the image below)
5. Click big "Go!" button marked with yellow on the image.
6. Done. Now you can copy your .cso image onto memory card and enjoy it.


comparison of sample files, difference is huge

Important: some games like GTA: Vice City Stories or LCS can't be compressed because it will cause low framerate. It's because your PSP needs more time to read comressed data. 
You can decompress games with the same tool (YACC).

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